“We look for opportunities to connect people with the qualities and character of the environment.  Our designs place an emphasis upon natural elements – water, plants, light/shade and changes throughout the seasons.  Natural processes bring visual character, movement and life into spatial designs. They animate and identify a place, bringing joy and a sense of experience.”

I N T E G R A T E D  D E S I G N

Our designs respond to the land as a living resource and allow the active processes of our ‘green infrastructure’ to work:  Water, plants, microclimate, soils, topography and the interactions between these are nurtured in all our projects. Not only do our projects look beautiful, they work in tune with natural processes, for example ‘rain gardens’ for natural drainage, trees for shading and native planting with early and late-season nectar sources.  Key design ideas  – sustainable drainage, biodiversity planning, access to green space, renewable resources – can be integrated most effectively from an early stage in the site master-planning process, resulting in a clear spatial design with a sound management approach.

E N V I R O N M E N T A L   S T R A T E G Y

Biodiversity enhancements bring a dynamic and engaging character to many of our projects. Plants are integrated with care to match habitats and growing conditions. Hard surfaces may form part of the brief, but we design these in conjunction with planted areas and specify natural and/or sustainably-sourced materials where possible. Our design aim to create landscapes with an intuitive reality, which are sustainable, which change in tune with the seasons and nurture well-being. We believe that landscape architecture is a key design profession in making healthy environments for the future.


Our company name  FORUM  reflects our open collaborative approach. We work with multi-disciplinary teams to bring together innovative ideas and design solutions.  As a name, Forum fits landscape architecture as it was the key public open space for people to meet together for social, cultural and trading exchange.

All our projects are led by fully-qualified landscape architects, with team members whose experience fits the scope of each particular project. We work with multi-disciplinary teams, having long-standing collaborations with ecologists, architects, engineers, environmental consultants, craftspersons and artists.

An active research basis is important to the practice, enabling us to develop innovative solutions and a clear design language as well as the technical background for detailed design and implementation.